Dua For Entering Toilet | Baitul Khala Ki Dua

Huzoor Sallallahu Alaihi and Sallam ordered the Sunnah on which people have left such a Sunnah. Dua For Entering Toilet. If anyone performs this Sunnah, Allah will reward him with the blessings of 100 martyrs. If a person follows the Sunnah, he gets an answer, Dua For Entering Toilet. the crime is erased, the status is elevated, and the troubles are protected.

Number 1 For Istinje, take both water and lump; if there are three lumps or stones, Dua For Entering Toilet. it must be. If you have already arranged in Betul Khala, it is enough. According to today’s time, you have given some advice to use toilet paper to spoil the floor.

Dua For Entering Toilet

Number 2. Huzoor Sallallahu Alaihi and Sallam used to cover their heads and wear shoes and take them to Betul Khala. (Jadul ma’ad, strata ibne s’ad)

Number 3. The ring or anything before the Betul is gone, the verse of Quran Sharif or the name of Huzur Sallallahu Alaihi and Sallam has been written and if it appears.

Then take it off and leave it out. After coming out, wear it again, a talisman. If the wax has been deposited or sewed into the cloth, it is permissible to wear it. (Nisai)

So, today we will see the way of Betul Khala and blessings.

Number 4. Read this prayer before entering Betul Khala
Bismillahi Allahumm Inni Auzubic Minal Khubusi Val Khabais. (Bukhari ji. 1 c. 45, Muslim j. 1 c. 243)
Tarjuma: I take the name of Allah Pak, O Allah! I want your shelter from twenty-one men or women.

Number 5. When entering the Betul Khala, first step up Bayou and place your feet on the steps and keep Bayou feet down from the steps. (Jadul mayad)

Number 6. When the cloth is opened for the Kajaye Hajat, it is better to open it with ease and ease. (Tirmizi z. 1 c. 10)

Number 7. At the time of performing the Rafael, Dua For Entering Toilet. neither the face of Kibla nor his face should be turned back. (Tirmizi Ji. 2.1)

Number 8. When doing Rafa Hajjat, the reason should not be done by Shadidah Kalam, similarly do not even mention Allah. (Mishkat)

entering into toilet,when entering into the toilet

Number 9. The tearing of the makhana very much avoids urine because often, the Zabar grave is not avoided by the pee-pee (Tirmizi)

Number 10. While urinating or doing Astanga, Dua For Entering Toilet. do not touch the right hand of Ajay Khas but rather the left hand. (Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmizi Z.11)

Number 11. The eagle does not bite, and at that time, it should be held in such a place where no other person is seen. (Listen to Abu Dawood)

Number 12. Look for a quiet place to urinate, not to get spilled, and the ground gets soaked. (Tirmizi, Abu Dawood)

Number 13. Urinate while sitting, do not urinate while standing. (Tirmizi z. 1 c. 4)

Number 14. If you want to dry the case after urinating, then it should be dried under cover of a wall, etc. (Exorcism)

Number 15. After listing, one should wash hands thoroughly with mud or soap, etc. (Durre Mukhtar, Abu Dawood)

Number 14. When coming out of Betul Khala, straight leg and read this prayer
Gufranq al-hamdu lillahill Raji azhab anil Aja and again. (Added c. 372, Ibne sini c. 22)
Tarjuma: O Allah! I ask you the question of Maghfirat, and all the ways are for Allah, who has taken away the thing that gives me the honor and has made me suffer.

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