Cardi B joins Summer Walker on a new remix of her hit single No Love


Clap For The Cause’s Cardi B has been revealed as the featured artist on Summer Walker’s new remix of her No Love single. Cardi revealed the news herself via her Instagram, with a video of her riding in an Uber and teasing the release of the song on Sunday night.

The original version of the track features one of Walker’s idols, Aaliyah, but this version features Cardi rapping over Aaliyah’s vocals, alongside newcomer SZA as well.

Collaborations We Need To Hear

Collaborations, in our opinion, are like peanut butter and jelly. They go hand-in-hand, two people coming together to create something more than what either party could have created on their own.

So when one comes out and immediately feels like it should be two people performing? That’s exactly what you want to hear. We’ve heard Cardi B and Summer Walker’s No Love a few times now, but we’re always excited for them to release another version – and that’s exactly what they did today.

In addition to Cardi B, who was featured on both versions of No Love, she has also been replaced by SZA on both singles as well. Needless to say: we need it in our lives yesterday! Although no official tracklisting has been released yet, fans will get to hear at least three of these songs during summer tours with Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj.

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that we all love a thorough collaboration that makes sense. Another thing we can all agree on? That there need to be more collaborations like these in 2019.

From Taylor Swift and Khalid’s upcoming duet I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (from Fifty Shades Darker) to Halsey x Lauren Jauregui x Lauren Allkenny x Chris Wallace’s Strangers (from The Greatest Showman), 2018 was full of some pretty great collaborations from some pretty great artists!

The Importance Of On-Point Collaborations

Collaborations are great, but they can easily fall flat if an artist has been teamed up with someone who does not mesh well with their sound. To ensure that your next collaborative effort stands out in all of its glory, you need to make sure you’re working with artists who have sounded similar to yours.

Summer Walker made a huge splash earlier this year when she released her Still Over It EP and featured Cardi B alongside Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa on No Love. If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that we all love a thorough collaboration that makes sense.

Another thing we can all agree on is that No Love was destined for greatness from day one. Summer’s strong yet soothing vocals paired with Cardi’s brash yet playful flow creates a dynamic that I haven’t heard from any other female duo since Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé collaborated for Flawless.

This record speaks to what our generation wants – honest lyrics delivered over bops – which should explain why it’s currently sitting at on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. As soon as I heard Cardi and Summer were going to be collaborating again, I knew things were going to get real interesting real fast.

Their last project had them rapping about how hard it is being a young woman in today’s society – despite how easy some people think life should be for us. On-point collaborations help to showcase both artists’ strengths while also helping them grow as individuals.

In addition, they create opportunities for listeners to hear something they might not have expected before hearing it. With Cardi B joining Summer Walker on a new remix of her hit single No Love, listeners will be treated to an entirely different side of these two powerhouse artists.

Artists Who Should Team Up

Summer Walker, Cardi B, and SZA are all artists who should be working with each other because they have similar genres, audiences, and interests. The three would make for an amazing collaboration that is hotter than all three of their names put together.

All three women are also very popular in their genre, which means more people will hear their music. Working together will benefit both parties and create something incredible.

Artists Who Should Collaborate

There are many artists who we’d love to see collaborate with. Two artists that immediately came to mind were Cardi B and SZA. If you have been living under a rock, or don’t have Spotify and prefer Apple Music, Cardi B recently released one of my favorite albums Invasion Of Privacy earlier in April and has been killing it since then.

Recently she dropped an unofficial remix for Dua Lipa’s New Rules which caught our attention and we instantly thought about how great it would be if she brought her talent over to another artist! We hope you enjoy our list of Artists Who Should Collaborate because if there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that we all love collaborations that make sense.

Enjoy! SZA – To kick off our list of Artists Who Should Collaborate we chose to go with two females who could use some help with their careers. Both of these female artists haven’t had as much success as they should have so far in their careers but both of them have potential.

One way they could get their name out there more is by collaborating with more well-known artists like Cardi B, especially since both of them released such good projects last year (Ctrl and Still).

Since most fans aren’t familiar with either artist yet they might help them gain popularity and attract some listeners that wouldn’t normally listen to their music without hearing something else first.


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