6 Kalimas Benefit of Reading Powerful 6 Kalimas

1 – Kalima 1 (Tayyaba). 6 Kalimas Benefit of Reading. who did not live at all, Illaallah disputing it, calls Jahannam as a harem, and for it is a Jannat justified? what is kalma. He talks like this, and it is the custom of the Muslim to sit back. 6 Kalimas Benefit of Reading. The Rula Patra said or killed, or Rasul said salute of Allah’s Rasul love or Mahatma Dardila is the length of wealth.

pehla kalma. I am present in Rasul Allah Allah’s Rasul said or Mustafa all the heart of the film replied I am the spot Allah’s Rasul Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam Allah Allah Mohammed Rasulallah Siddha cumming yesterday also Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah said.

What are Six kalimbas in Islam?

For many Muslims, Six Kalimas are nothing out of the ordinary, they are six basic rights of every Muslim: Zakat, alms, Fiqh, Halal meat, halal alcohol, and I’d. However, most Muslims would agree that Zakat is the most important of them all, it is the basic obligation of a Muslim, a requirement of any Muslim individual (Fard-e Makhdum), and the only way by which Muslims can become, or re-become, righteous.

Another question arises, what exactly is Zakat? Why are Muslims obliged to pay zakat? Zakat is compulsory payment to “support the poor and needy”. In short, it is a tax on the wealthy to assist the poor and needy (Muslims or non-Muslims). 6 Kalimas Benefit of Reading.

If we were to follow the English meaning of the word zakat, it translates to “an income tax”. Zakat is paid by the rich and by the poor. The rich pay more because the rich are deemed to have more wealth than the poor.

The concept of Zakat was revealed to Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) while he was in Makkah. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was sitting in a position where he could see that no one was observing any of the rights listed above. So he asked a servant to help him stand up and said, “Who is paying for the needy in this the last hour?” And the servant answered, “It is no-one but you, O Messenger of Allaah.”

The servant of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) repeated the message several times to ensure that it had been understood. The last word of this message is, “Zakat is an obligation”.

The first mandatory rule in the definition of the hadith is, “The needy”. This was related by way of Tafseer, from Sayyidina Abu Hurairah, may Allaah be pleased with him (may Allaah be pleased with him). The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “You shall not deny the poor (to collect zakat).” This is based on hadeeth which states that no one should observe the second requirement in the definition of the hadeeth, that is, do not support the animals and birds.

The next hadeeth tells us that Zakat is charity. A basic hadeeth teaches that charity should be given to the poor, and since Zakat is a type of charity (in this case alms), it follows that Zakat is charity.

These hadeeths tell us that Zakat is obligatory for all Muslims. They do not, however, state that Zakat is the only way to become righteous, rather it is just one of the ways. They also do not say that Zakat is the only means by which you can become righteous, rather the fact that it is a basic obligation of every Muslim is a proof of the goodness and guidance of the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).

With these in mind, we can look at some hadeeths which point out that Zakat is obligatory for every Muslim. Some of these hadeeths deal with the rules of Zakat, the other hadeeths deal with the universal concept of charity, that is, spreading charity, giving charity, not to receive charity, the welfare of the people. This universal concept of charity is the primary objective of the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).

Most Islamic books on charity warn us that the scope of charity is limited, and although it is only natural to want to give charity to all those in need, and to avoid discriminating between individuals, we should remember that we are not only responsible for the needy people of our nation, or community, but we are also responsible for those in need who are out of our nation’s borders.

The hadeeth below makes it clear that Zakat is obligatory for all Muslims.

It is a general rule in the faqih or jurisprudence, that those who have wealth should contribute towards the zakat of the people. The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Is it not as much as one’s weight for the hungry and the needy?” [at-Tirmidhi, 0189] “Is it not as much as one’s weight for the needy and the oppressed?” [Tirmidhi, 0189] “Whoever has wealth must contribute to the zakat of the needy” [Muslim]

It is said by Tirmidhi that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The people of the Book are responsible for the needy.” [Tirmidhi, 1259] It is also related by way of Tirmidhi that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The Muslims are responsible for the needy.” [Tirmidhi, 1259]

This hadeeth is of special interest to us because it shows that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) held the view that he and every Muslim are responsible for the people of the Book. It goes to show that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) held the view that the Muslims are also responsible for non-Muslims in his day and age.

Here is an explanation of the meaning of the hadeeth:

The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was speaking about charity and paying a man his zakat. He said: “Is it not as much as one’s weight for the hungry and the needy?” He said, “Whoever has wealth must contribute to the zakat of the needy.” He said, “Is it not as much as one’s weight for the hungry and the needy?” He said, “Whoever has wealth must contribute to the zakat of the needy.” He said, “Is it not as much as one’s weight for the hungry and the needy?”

The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) referred to the money a person would use to purchase himself a meal because at this time there was no zakat for him, and he said, “Is it not as much as one’s weight for the hungry and the needy?” He said, “Whoever has wealth must contribute to the zakat of the needy.”

When you have a lot of money and you don’t have the money to support someone poor, then by paying the person whose money you are not using you have given charity. This is called almsgiving, and charity is the obligation of all the Muslim Ummah. All the Muslim Ummah, whether they are poor or rich, must give charity to those who are in need.

6 Kalimas Benefit of Reading Powerful 6 Kalimas
6 Kalimas Benefit of Reading Powerful 6 Kalimas

In a time when a few people had everything, and the Islamic ummah was still being formed, the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) saw a situation where people needed to be supported and he saw that the people had enough money but not the means to use it to help others in need. The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said that it was as much as one’s weight to give to the needy. What does that mean? That means a person who has a lot of wealth must give that money to those who are in need.

Ibn Hajar (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: This hadeeth indicates that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was referring to the zakat of zakat was like a portion of the monetary wealth which one’s guardian God blessed the person with. It was mentioned in the hadeeth that it was his weight, which means that there is nothing else in the wealth that would cause a person to give more than what their weight allotted them for zakat.

If a person has one pound of gold, one-half of that pound is zakat, one-fourth is another obligation, and one-eighth is for his zakat. If he has zakat-paying zakat, he must pay for himself what one-eighth is owed to him, and another one-eighth for his zakat, and this is for the zakat-paying zakat. If he has zakat-paying zakat and he is having a meal, and he sees a poor person, he has a portion of food for him too.

However, because the people of the Book were being fed, their people in a time of zakat were not supposed to eat their food while they had more zakat-paying zakat than they were supposed to eat. If a man had one-eighth zakat, and he was having a meal while he had a lot of zakats, he would not finish the meal before he would help the poor person. If a woman had a lot of zakats, and she was having a meal while she had a lot of zakats, she would not finish her meal until she would help the poor person.

I ask Allaah the Exalted the Highest for assistance in the donation of zakat, and I ask Allaah the Exalted the Highest for a Muslim’s zakat. So let his soul receive its zakat and his wealth, and let the Angels bestow their zakat upon him, and let all the Worlds accept his zakat.

[Tafsir Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani, vol. 7, Hadith 2437, hadith number 2814]

{Proof of zakat}

If one is rich and he wants to give some money to charity, then he can contribute a minimal amount that will increase with time so that in the future he will be able to give a lot of money. This is called zakat al-Saqib. It is equivalent to a bonus, Alghamdi Allaah.

Six kalima in hadith Mubarak darabbi hadith

kalima in hadith mubaraka hadith. Hazrat Ibn Abbas (RA) said, “The best of the kalima was when Prophet Muhammad (SAS) said, ‘Repentance, believing in Allah and the Last Day and the day of resurrection, by which this world and the Hereafter will be terminated and of them are only some.’ These six kalimat are best, the one of which none of them were mentioned by the Messenger of Allah (SAS). They were introduced by Abu Hurayrah (RA) and included in Sunan Ibn Majah.” (Bukhari, Ch. 672-73, Sahih al-Bukhari, Book #62, Hadith #5454, Hadith #3580, Hadith #5050).

(1) Cursing is not contrary to the command of Allah (S.A.W.)

2) Cursing, by Allah (S.A.W.), is for three reasons:

(i) Allah (S.A.W.) said in the Qur’an, “You will be witnesses for Me against those who reject faith, so do not blaspheme.”

(ii) Allah (S.A.W.) said, “Say: ‘Behold, I am! he who pretends to a friend, but is an enemy!’ But the hypocrites say: ‘I am not! I speak no evil.'”

3) Allah (S.A.W.) said: “Do not swear (to be truthful); if you swear, you will break your word and never make good; therefore, you should never swear.”

Sahih Muslim: Halki, Vol. 9 #12575 H1

Uthman ibn Affan (RA) said, “Those who sinned by saying or doing something that displeased Allah shall have seven years of hell. We must now also give the following explanation: For those who blaspheme against Allah or the Prophet Muhammad (SAS), it is obligatory on them to sin: For each sin of them, Allah is pleased with one of His angels; to wit, for one of them, it is good and for another one, it is displeasing.

For each sin of them, Allah is displeased with one of His angels; to wit, for one of them, it is good and for another one, it is displeasing. Allah says: ‘Verily, there is none but Allah. His angels are pleased with Him, and those to whom He says, ‘Be not pleased with them and they obey Him. But those to whom He says, ‘Do not be pleased with them,’ it is He who is displeased. And verily the angels are pleased with Allah and He is displeased with them.

Sahih al-Bukhari: Abu Dawud, #2522 H1-H1

Narrated ‘Abdullah bin `Amr bin al-‘Aas: The Prophet (SAS) said, “Do not swear to God when there are other innocent men to hear what you say, otherwise you shall make your souls hell-bound, and you shall live in it for seven years.”

  1. Ahmad: Ibn Majah, Vol. 12 #3230-3230
  2. Sahih al-Bukhari: Bukhari, Sahih Muslim # 5453
  3. Sahih Muslim: Bukhari, Sahih Muslim # 5453
  4. Hassan al-Basri: Bukhari, Sahih Muslim #5454

Whatever this testimony is worth no worship except Allah and Mohammed Sallah Walsallam Allah is the Rasool of Allah. Whatever power will testify to the true heart Allah Hafiz is now born.

6 Kalimas Benefit of Reading

It is haraam that brought your heart and said that I should tell this thing to Allah’s people so that if he is happy, 6 Kalimas Benefit of Reading. then Rasulullah Sallallaho, said that take it here so that people will then sit back with confidence then what happened that Maoist Allah Tala.

Had told this hadith before his date that how much he did not commit any crime and was a member of the matter of concealment of Allah’s Rasool said 6 Kalimas Benefit of Reading. He heard the people eyeing the mp3 Phulwa Phulwa Balam has three times.

Tell me the importance and strength of MR local Anuja, which should be closed and to sleep with this very conscious air; you have only told me this thing and a custom of Bukhari.

And Muslim and a Rewa gave it to Mahbubnagar that the custom It is said that Rasulullah Sallallaho was the victim of Allah Har Raman’s La Ilaha Ilallah Bukhari 6 Kalimas Benefit of Reading. and Muslim’s bye. Agree, and through him, the approval of Allah is evident. Poor Viranika Vallah, whoever the martyr Allah will agree to Allah, confesses the birth on Allah, to keep talking. Abu Sayeed Khudri Ravi Allah thoroughly talks that Rasulullah Sallallaho,

Who ruled Manipal La Ilaha Ilallah Mohan will remain My Have a wife and keep Allah Malpani. Allah has justified this dispute. In another argument, who gives a smile, Rasul Allah Sallallaho wala Vasallam told his mind, ‘La Allah Illa Allah and Jab Allah Who Wins Janjira Come When Allah Who Were Female Gender Whoever wishes strict Ilaah Ilallah.

Allah forbid, and Talaq declares Jannat to be valid on him, and when two have freed him, Shamin Ikram, I do not want a picture with a lot of willingness.

6 Kalimas Read every day

And I am in need. Humans agree, and. 6 Kalimas Benefit of Reading. We did not allow Allah to do so if I can sit with confidence that I have not brought an extended agreement.

I will go to heaven, I have made a contract of Lilaheelallah, I will not be able to escape from us, but the types of La ilaha illallah Complete the implementation.

Prove it by practice. If there is a matter of time, even if there are issues, 6 Kalimas Benefit of Reading. give it a headache, then Allah will provide him with punishment. Allah will punish him. If you go, then pray for Allah today as well. Me.

And make you a lot, and Allah will accept the words and lock our terms and put the newspaper to Allah to save us from the fire of Jahannam and to enter Paradise.

2 – Kalima 2 (Shahadat)

6 1

dusra kalma. 6 Kalimas Benefit of Reading. Imam Ahmad bin Hambal Lalle Nem and Imam Bukhari Rahmatullah Aleh have separately stated with the right saint that Allah’s Rasul Sallallaho Vasallam ordered that he called his son. And told him that I want to bequeath you I give comfort to two things and refuse two things.

5 1

I order you La Ilaha Illallah because if La Ilaha Illahalla is kept in one fold. All the seven skies and all the seven lands are placed in another, then La Ilaha Illahah If the seven skies and the seven lands become one mouth and solid light, La Ilaha Illallah will break it, and I will give you good peace, that too we provide peace of heart.

These pictures of everything and the way The palaces are given daily and I refuse you only and Takhatpur this will in Hazrat Noah Ali Salato Salam’s Mridul death for his son. 6 Kalimas Benefit of Reading.

you saw in it basically that Hazrat Noah Ali Salato Assalam is the son of La Ilaha Ilallah Relaxed and are only lions who are opposite La Ilaha Illahah.

Inside it, we feel a great status and fajilat of La Ilaha Illahah, and why not that it is that Kalema for whose sake Allah created the land and sky in Pak. For whose sake Ji gave birth to him, this is the Karima for whose sake send Rusal.

The Karima, for whose sake Jannat and Jahnam made Sari Ambia feast on the same side when there was no mill and sent to all the Ambias before sleeping.

There is no other meeting other than Allah only and only Talk to me and the last prophet Mohammed Sallallaho Sallam also started his feast. You made a voice from this street.

You did or Yohanna Urmila Ilaha Illaallah La Ilaha Illa Allah, 6 Kalimas Benefit of Reading. you will be successful, this is the utterance that a person has told Islam Can not enter the realm of the world. When he speaks in this work with his tongue’s heart, then all his previous sins are opened, the angels make a blessing for him, and then he will pray for the river drains.

Rasool Sallallaho Sallam is near him, and he has martyrdom in tomorrow. Before death, Mehar tartar, and then his light goes tomorrow, Allah’s Rasul Sallallaho Sallam leaves from there, your face was glowing with joy.

6 Kalimas Benefit of Reading. and It was Alpha on your tongue Alhamdulillah Thank God my beloved Allah Pak saved it from birth and see on the other side that Allah’s Rasul is near him at the time of his death.

It does not raise a point if it is presented, tomorrow I am in La Ilaha Ilallah, which we study in our prayers, we listen in Ajan, teach our children, but it is a matter of regret that this is the highest among all the buds in the world.

Kalema Makhdoom is the highest in this tomorrow, but we are committing at the same time; out of this link, we are also having children, although this is the mother who has a machine and a summons.

La ilaha illallah Muhammad your this is what I read la ilaha illallah Salman yesterday, we are with the public with this. The public does not come to jail as well as this oil comes tomorrow. 6 Kalimas Benefit of Reading. We can not tell tomorrow till this time our people. I have not removed both of them.

By giving Kalma Tayiba, now whatever the mind wants, all the crime has been forgiven, this Kalma reader provides a testimony with, agrees Lala will do the work from here when you say Mahendra Ji Kalma Read, I said this and will do this.

After taking an example, if you understand the matter, then always talk about a person’s marriage, make it a model that work is something. Everyone knows that everyone listens and sees everything written.

What is accepted by him, 6 Kalimas Benefit of Reading? what is done, Kubool Basu gives a small medicine called the exam, which is said to testify that both of them flourished.

And from the martyrdom, Rubaru Hajra changed this mosque in favor of this mosque. Done that I have set some people to speak loudly some people speak my

If he is married to everyone, then do not take the effect of that wife. Still, it is acceptable to speak. Its cost is also on you; its responsibility has come on you, to speak; it has implemented everything, but say that I call it Karva flowers in Chauth.

It is said that some things are like this, a word brings with you other things, I told you, La Ilaha Ilallah Tehsil is not to say and come with the country is kept in front of me.

What is it that all life is one Allah I should talk about this, I should ban someone. On top of that, I believe that I believe in Allah, yet the order is a soul, but today I can easily say that we have completely forgotten and will talk with regret and say with regret that Abu Jahl knew more than us in this call.

Remember, I am telling the truth; how much did I have to give to Rahmat today? We knew more than you; that is why when Rasul asked that you tell me that there is no sweet Barot except Allah, then now this will be yours. I can’t say this because he knew where to bring La Lai Calvani from where La La La La La will give it, except for 360 cases, one million has to believe Mohammad if it is going to happen to us after today’s weather.

I said that I knew that more than we knew about salt in this way, they knew that it is not enough to read half a head till tomorrow, it is implemented, it was said that we could not say that we have brought Laila.

How easy it is to be successful, that I should not be able to say that I knew what the parrot was in the past, he knew what Kalma brings, an Allah Kumar Nice prophet book and then take this book over us I knew that today’s weather does not tell anyone online. Still, even after saying Lala Lalla, only he is rosier and against Allah’s poor news.

That is why I said that I would take it tomorrow if I know more than we know it. I wouldn’t say I liked O Laila Laila Laila, and I was happy among the Arabs who never do a bogus against their promise. Dungi thieves did not say La ilaha il Allah first we prophet in it, we refused.

Uncle Allah is the first refusal of the ghosts. Allah first denies Allah, then the Muslim can see and do the way of today, and later all the Micah acts tomorrow. 6 Kalimas Benefit of Reading. To see this, Lai Lai Lai Sharik is also on. Ritika Laila Laila Laila Laila Someone else gives it also asks, “Lilaheelallallah Chalisa, then life and death are the givers of good and evil, good is the removal of evil and all things.”

Only after that, understand how to file a case, let the four know what is in tomorrow, and we will come tomorrow; I will try my best in front of you with these words.

Four sentences Sanskrit Rasulallah Sallallahu Salam 1kg Everyone is waiting for you to go to the salute system and Now the news itself was sitting, you wore it in your hand, you took that branch. has

I took some wind in the soil and started watching the air; Rasulallah Sallallahu did when Allah made his destiny red glow serial kheer and need to go right and left and make a streak and where is this straight line that I This is my path.

And the right and left lives, the things that I have made on the opposite hand for so long, this is this line, which is known, I go, and this is the thing which is a streak, it is my footsteps, and right-left is known.

A devil is sitting on every line which tells a human being with Mr. Radhe Mustaqeem tells us that the people of Allah, all of us, have been meeting everywhere at every turn on every side of the land. Tillawat of Allah Salam Kirat this straight path straight line my way

Now, I have received from my mind and how much I refuse to do otherwise, if I go astray, then some people say that there may be a Muslim because maybe after coming to Mustakim from here, the devil is more.

Whom I call someone The gardener could not be found, if he sent a mustard feeding in the same states as the country, then only the devil was growing, why is his mind fresh, it is Rohit’s look which is tremendous to come to him.

3 – Kalima 3 (Tamjeed)

Friends, teesra kalma, every person is in trouble somehow or the other, there is tension in some depression, someone is upset due to children, kalma tamjeed, someone is upset due to the restrictions of relationship.

Someone is upset due to marriage, and its work gets interrupted. There is no risk. third kalima, It is disturbed because of it. It is troubled by the harassment; there is a slowdown in business and a hindrance in business.

Every person must have fallen into trouble in some way or a mess, and Mian can solve all these problems, kalma tamjeed, how Allah can solve these problems. Similarly, at 1:00 pm, we have a stipend to do it in your field, by which you can overcome these problems.

First, we will tell you that this third will also tell the fate of Kalma. How did Kalma reach us? What is its history? Subhanallah Alhamdulillah La Illaha Illaallah Allahu Akbar Wala Wala Kuwaata Illa Billah Inraiya 7572 Subhanallah Alhamdulillah La Ilaha Illaallah is more involved in the world.

So, first of all, we tell you only the third one: Hey Jibril Ali Salam Nabi, started attending the dargah of Pasallam, believing that when Allah Pak made it, then today, the angels did not have the strength to lift it, so that Allah can raise it today Pakistan ordered Subhanallah to read Religion, it would be easy to grow Subhan Allah, took his picture in hand, Subhan Alla Jim took hold in the morning when the boy was born.

Hazrat Adam Alaihissalam was born then Hazrat Adam in Alaihissalam when Allah Pak made forms Complaint to Hazrat Adam Alaihissalam Hazrat Adam Alaihissalam also included Alhamdulillah SubhanAllah Alhamdulillah.In the same way, it did not continue to be a percentage of Kalma.

He started worshiping the ghosts; Allah ordered the angels in Pakistan to tell the investigation team that no one is worthy of worship other than La Ilaha Illaalla La Ilaha Illa Allah.

Rishton included this picture in his hand as well. The beautiful Kalma became Subhan Allah alhamdulillah La Ilaha Ilallah. I have been following the concept of this country. For several hundred years, I have been following Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihissalam.

So I had ordered the sacrifice of Hazrat Ismail Ali Salam When Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihissalam started sacrificing Hazrat Ismail Ali Salaam, he brought you through the painful film Jannat, when you spoke with a knife on you, then Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihissalam said Allah Hu Akbar, Subhanallah Alhamdullah Allah.

Allah Also included and these four buds would gather and start handing them a picture when it is the time of Nabi Pak Sallallaho Alayhi Wasallam and when Hazrat Jibril Alaihissalam presented the entire history of Nabi Pak Sallallahu Elahi Walsallam, he meant them When heard.

So Love Pak Sallallahu Alehi Walsall was uttered by word of mouth, Havla Wala Kuwata Illa Billah Wali District District Kalpanan Gaya Subhan Allah Al Hamadulillah La Illaha Iallallah Hu Allah Hu Akbar La Havla Wala Kuwata Illa Billa Hilali U Office Mubarak If it does, then Kalma takes a detour and asks Allah Pak about the intention of that person.

This very powerful stipend or friends, you read it as a stipend, and Insha Allah Ta’ala will take your heart in the incident Roha For those who want to do well,.

Roha intends to settle the world of spirit when it is tremendous for you, and you have to do something like this, you have to do a picture of the third Karmi after the prayers of Fajar in the morning. You have to do Durd-e-Pak, and if you cross a picture with it, it will be very nice.

A picture. Third Kalma one Buddha park located a small one, weeping park Allahumma Salle Ala Muhammad Iqbal Ali Mohammad Zafar can Be accompanied by Astgafar Astgafirullah Rab Min Kulli Jangli Bagh.

To bed that you should talk till 3:00 in the morning, picture of the third-order The Park Park This picture you have to do in the morning, and you have to do a picture in front of you.

Have to do a picture of the third worker and include Durud-e-Pak with him; Insha Allah lock the lock that the obstacles will go towards the end, the bond will be over, the bond will end, the future will be around.

Magic will be achieved, there will be an issue, it will end, inshallah fights will end, hatred will be changed in love and love of Allah will be achieved through Allah, and despite this.

There are five prayer times; Inshallah inshallah in the third tomorrow. Get hold of Kolasib, catch the durud e Pak Khulla scene, Catch the Astagfar Kolasib. You will not need any reason.

You do not need to go to anyone, and you do not need to get any talisman. The most influential people have told you this scholarship at the third Kalma from this, make it your case.

We read the picture Fatma after every prayer Namaz Subhan Allah Al Hamadulillah Allah Work Project is the third Kalma, the other people are the same.

You have the pictures in this third tomorrow and thousands of folklore paradise of La Howle Wala Kuwata Illa Billah Lalla It is a treasure of 99 diseases, friends, treatment of diseases in 9 days is essential in school. Still, you have to do so big, it is straightforward, and you do not know how much you have to come out at the time of your birth.

Hoo Akbar Allah Wala Kuwata Illa Billa Hilali Washing It is to be photographed in the morning. After every Namaz, you have to study in the school seven times, then see the miracle; you will find such a heart-rending hard Kurtis, the heart will be relaxed.

And your soul will be relaxed. People will be relieved that the physical diseases will end, and Insha Allah Ta’ala is a queen. Losses will be achieved, and Inshallah Ta’ala Allah Pak takes away all the evil from within you, will remove all the sins from friends, and make this call a stipend for you.

4 – Kalima 4 (Tauheed)

Today I will try to put some things in front of you, 4th kalima and this important thing is such an important thing when Allah Rabbul Ijat made Adam Ali Salam.

Tauheed, and wanted to send humans to the world, then the first training was given by Allah Rabul Izzat. Kalima 4 What was the practice also?

kalma meaning, La Ilaha Ilallah, by whose name Alarm Sharma Surya Arasura No. 7 is his soul 172 172 Fair is the person who says this was a promise we made to Allah, and that means we were not, in reality, stopping it. When that happened, it says that wrinkles to Hassan Hussain.

Today you also tell to give Rabbi Aquarius, remember the same world, Abu Babu, and when your Lord brought out Adam’s books, his full sun was a place in the world in Alha. The rumor, which is said to be a place of abode, Allah Rabbul Izzat called Adam Ali Salam and turned his hand on his confirmation, all the children who were to be born to him have come out and will stand.

In the same form the world in Hadith Mataji Today, all of us are standing and whole people born of Adam Aleah This Since the evening of respect, the last child is going to come into the world, Allah has removed all the wrinkles.

So we have removed all of them from his back and said that he always gave us and then gave testimony to him and asked him to please the alarm so that he does not do this daily on his nerves.

What should you ask yourself to become a walker? Laziness with you, Rabbi, am I not your Lord? Why do you call me Rabbi today as well?

Had testified there, Allah be the infidels again, be ready to be hanged, be a prophet and be a brother-in-law to be Rasul; If all of them gave testimony.

What was the first testimony that Allah Rabbul Izzat has made us against you, business? What was it you said to the Rabbi, am I not your Lord? Our Abe slept; the importance of Kalma Touheed is that the testimony from all of us was taken there.

There is some benefit from this blog post, and if you think you will take advantage of other topics, you do it. Then through Prasad, you can send our bank account to Western Union, and if one thing is not small, you must take care of the Islamic Research Center. Keep and tell you in the coming Ramadan, and we will send Allah Taala as your wish.

Bajrangbali Ila Rasulallah Sallallaho used to come more to Aslam. Still, the countryside would be only four, but when we talk, let’s talk a little calmly and talk straight, teach me fever, you are my life, I enjoy it a lot, Waley Vasallam ordered Subhanallah.

He was a Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla Allah Subhan Allah Allah Allah Hu Akbar Allah Chali Chali kya hai Subhan Allah hurry people SubhanAllah Tera.

When you want to be the kind of member of the world, my heart is true. Still, Allah took the train on it, Patna Tricolor Tricolor Tricolor 3G and in the same way, tell the old picture.

Do not give it to you, do you understand that it was your turn to provide a gift for some people other than the heart that you finally question the lines, we got our hearts If you go, the countryside is open; if we do it, then their story is a magnificent building.

5 – Kalima 5 Astaghfar

5 kalima. One of which is La Ilaha Illallah is a part of the rectangles somewhere; I also come as if the rectangle number 35 of Kishore number 33 also remember this jumla comes in the same way, Astaghfar. to make its tehsil La Ilaha Ilallah, the importance.

And enthusiasm in this call I have in it Keep 17 big and big crops that can be achieved from this appearance. Astaghfar. Still, there is no time for Muslim rituals. The enemy says that in-laws will die in La Ilaha Il Allah Jannat.

People born from it are those who, with true heart, with actual nature,Astaghfar, and with their lives, will hide the cobra in the covenant of La Ilaha Illallah, who will run the same gullible prophet, Akram.

who recommended it with an authentic and determined heart. Life goes ahead in execution. Reading from the east side of Allah Taala is not necessary to read in Quantity 50,000 70000 One lakh two lakh and one hundred and twenty-five lakhs.

Kalima 5 .The poor are now ahead of it, the prophet of your choice, the prophet Akram Sallallaho La Ilaha Illa Allah, says the sky’s doors are opened even till the year is reached, 11 Kabira has been saved from the crimes. Salam said, Allah gives me such a Kalma, which I read after reading your Hamad O Sanaa Karla Halala. All of you read it. I wanted something unique.

I think it is a minor thing to bring a mouth if all the work in the field is given on one side And a person of Sim La Ilaha Ilallah very mother whose 99 offices which Months 99 offices will be filled with the size of every register, the name of those who are R.

Whose role will go from the ground to the sky, 119 Dnyaneshwar schools will be from the crimes, and all will be accounted for, Allah Taala should be accounted for, why make fun of him Is my office failing from the crimes? What will happen to the day of Allah? If it is not even equal.

Then shut up, do not give him a small piece of paper. India registered yellow fold paper Mataka speaks from now on what article says Will write in 3:30 not to tell that not all people are going to the office because they are being filled with 19 hearts, it is difficult to commit a crime.

The account of this would make me ashamed. They would say of a child that all I have is a letter to be opened, that goat will be written to us after that.

La Ilaha Illallah will be due in one tomorrow and will go to heaven Kalma is not Kalma. Where does this Kalma bring with her? If this Kalma is a wedding, the gentleman can be opened.

If every key has teeth, then in this call, Bihari Lal Lalla said, sitting in Jannat, seeing that there is no water, its condition is all on La Ilaha Illallah; Weren’t Vikram, the best Vikram hurrying, La Ilaha Ilallah and the best Sukhramji Sukhlal Hamdulillah Ekravastine.

And the best blessing cause Dua Al Hamdulillah Alhamdulillah. Thankfully, now when there is no mention of Jallallah more than my brothers, we keep reading this while making him mum Jannat Mekd is put in place by saying one time La Ilaha Ilallah.

I used to enjoy you. Abdul salutes your Ummat and tells them that the land of Jannat is significant. Its water is equal, the bus is a bridge, and its place is empty. In it 10 It has to be vacated, its business is not open, do not teach yourselves to be mutilated in it.

so what to say or say, they say, Subhan Allah al Hamdulillah Allah Ilah Iallallah Allahu Akbar, if you say this tomorrow, then we get scared on the land of it Subhanallah Alhamdulillah La Ilaha Illaallah Hoo Allah Hu Akbar is shocked by reading this Kalma, remembering that he indulges in greed.

Likewise, at the time of death, he was in a new age of Jannat, while chanting the stage operation, Allah’s Rasool Allah, and while doing the last Alfaaz La Ilaha Ilallah on the tongue. Will Tekriwal Sharma Allah You Mouthkam La Ilaha Illallah Bequeath Your Deaths Divorce Three Do La Ilaha Illallah M Kalma Hai.

The legitimate talk comes only on the young men who spend their lives or on it. Yadav is ok with saying the first word of Mahapuran yesterday. One thousand policies are rewarded, and one thousand crimes are forgiven. Saying Subhanallah as a Muslim Muslim, a thousand crimes are dismissed, and why do 1000 people get the answer? What to say a hundred times at 1:00 am.

Subhanallah is one of the most potent stipends that can only be enjoyed over long gardens. For years I will recite your complete rituals. It is the custom of the proper Muslim. When I came out, I was sitting in the place of join Namaz; he refers to Allah while doing Deepa.

We have been praying for the Namaz Surah Fajr from Shimla, but once you read Subhash, what do you do after reading Fajar’s Namaz? Her work picture was changed at 50 after the sun came out, you had been in the house for 10 feet long, she had spent many hours, then you came back to the same place and saw that my Arj Rana was also referring to sitting on the same floor at that time. The chart has been referring to Allah for many hours.

Asked separately since when you have been sitting, they said, “I have been modeling since then, and the salute of Allah Rasul Salla said, I have been after you four times three times in the past four reads three times in the morning, you mean you are sitting because of the chest, when I went after the thousand, then four deeds.

I read it three times, I did a good job, so you said, how did I say four times in three days that if their weight is to be PC for the entire day of your day, then they will become heavy in four tomorrow, you have been sitting since morning. You only had to do four that read three times; even if you do the stipend throughout the day, which you are doing, you cannot reach against my footsteps.

It is tomorrow that you have Pamaka Subhan Allah or Dada Khan Subhan Allah Taala. I like your number as much as your mother; I do your picture tomorrow.

Number two, then you have said it every day, Subhanallah, daily it is believed that till the amount of Allah Tala, I photograph Allah Tala that Rajiv Ji sister makes the third decision. Insha Allah is equal to today’s weight of Tala in Kala Subhanallah.

To cater to grandfather Kalamati Allah as much as CI means, in such a way that I am the sister of Allah Tala only when the four Kali Mata says their four Kalmas thrice a day. Subhan Allah Subhan Allah Subhan Allah Subhan Allah Subhan Allah Zeenat is more than the stipend of Receipt.

Subhanallah read Dada Kalimati 14 Karmas three times in the morning after market equal to the stipend of the day Allah Subhan Allah fills down the dispute. What is the custom of a Muslim on Malika serial, saying Rasulallah Sallallahu Salman is Al Hamdulillah.

He will fill it with stars. Subhan Allah alhamdulillah say between the land of the sky fills all things with policies Namaz is the face of the world and finally, the plea and plea is all light, and you will testify against me every day in the morning. If it arises, then its life is mortgaged, which either frees it by doing righteousness or commits the crime by committing the crime.

Then you have told Alham Delilah that what he says does not fill the ground with all the sky, Which is Al Hamdulillah Alhamdulillah. Thank you, we do it by exercising. Ok, Subhan Allah Al Hamdulillah Allah Hu Akbar La Ilaha Ilallah Remember all these things, its great benefits.

Do Ila This Kalma Venus Make a Kulli Hall with Alhamdulillah, always thank Allah, like Alham Dulla, what to do for all those who are ready for advice on all the dates the pond is back tomorrow.

Thank you, no rope, thank you. While the praise of Allah is praise, even if the mention of Allah is the praise of Allah, even if the statement of Allah is dead, the award of Allah will be a loss that the recognition of Allah should be the matter.

But we have to be born a bat Glad too Live in praise of Allah, do not die, Aulad did not say that the child of Rasgulla who dies is very much Amen’s child. Allah asks the lock angels, did you tell my brother when the child did not leave the child?

From the point of birth, Bali is not a child when you have held that child for nine to 10 years, but it is said, Allah does lock the lock, have you taken a piece of my captor’s liver, but it says yes we have snatched the alarm. What did my brother say? So what do you do before taking away everything from him?

The people come to Allah’s Messenger, Allah says, Alhamdulillah said. This fellow is fine when he says that my brother said Alhamdulillah and then said Inna Lillahi Inna Elahi Raju read this Kalma Allah.

Talaa Ishq Mehta hai build a house for my captive in Jannat and give it the name Betul Hamdard that I snatched my child’s child too, he praised me Hamad O Sanaa Bank How much Muslim Allah Alhamdulillah Allah died. Lalla lived the brass People died Kamala loss Hamdulillah praise Allah is good number 55.

Saying Shaligram makes Dwarka 22 from Ballia, praying for the price of buying at that place before the Dua village of Zuljlal makes it a blessing. I say the rent from you is only on Nagin Malika’s loan.

Nabi Akram Fermaya Dua or Juljlal Take Alladin of the village while praying or hold a plea near Zuljlal Malik Ram ok holds up Lajim This is the same as that which is a little number third Lebanese soul 173 173 HUSBAND ALLAH ANIMAL LAWYER What is this fruit of jumble.

So it comes from the way if the color that colors and removes Allah Tala Ranju Ram’s problem by saying this thing in trouble is the custom of Bukhari, Abdullah ibne Abbas Razi Allah Marhum says only on today’s zodiacs, Ibrahim Ali Salam when firing At this time.

They were called Havan Allahu Animal Advocate Mohammed Salla Vasallam, also called Hasbunallahu Animal Advocate. When people later told Ahle Imaan, people have gathered a big let against you, fear them. Maan became even more, and he replied that Hasbun Alla Hoo Animal lawyer is ok that Halla is enough for the best carpenter and us.

Allah is enough for us and the best car charger. The Best of Disposal would be a white lawyer; Sir, Allah’s Rasool took out Ibrahim Ali Salaam, get deposited against you directly, then Sahaba said that Allah had rejected the enemies of Allah, the enemy has gathered against you.

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