12 Rabi Ul Awal Benefit Reading This Surah 12 Rabi Ul Awal night

12 Rabi Ul Awal Benefit Reading This Surah 12 Rabi Ul Awal night
12 Rabi Ul Awal Benefit Reading This Surah 12 Rabi Ul Awal night

12 rabi12 Rabi Ul Awal Benefit Reading. Every person aspires to be fulfilled in whatever way he wants, fulfill all his limits, trust him in whom he pleads, in his risk, and may Allah help him; rabi ul awal, his world also becomes magnificent. 12 Rabi Ul Awal Benefit Reading. If his shape becomes bright, he does not have a dead body, then he should not stay away from all kinds of voices and troubles in the world,rabi ul awal mubarak, if thought, then it will come in the day, how can everything be possible for a human being.

It is such that a person will have to sleep day and night for them, but how can a person of this time do it? He has no time; milad un nabi, he wants to do every work in the shortest possible time.

12 Rabi Ul Awal Benefit Reading This Surah 12 Rabi Ul Awal night

On the 12th of the moon of this month, Bani Hazrat Mohammed Saheb was born of Islam religion and on this Rabi ul topper you also got away from this world.

Eid milad –un-nabi

Agra. In the 12 months of the year, a Muslim festival is celebrated every month, but this month i.e. Idamiladunnabi (Baravafat) is considered Afzal (special) from other festivals. The reason for this is that on the 12th of the moon of this month, Hazrat Mohammad Saheb, the Bani of Islam religion, was born and on this Rabi ul topper you also got away from this world.

12 rabi ul awal pahari

On the day of Baravafat, God sent Mohammad Saheb

Hazrat Rasul Ullah Mohammed Sallah Auh-Alai Wasallam was born by God and sent to the land for the instruction of human beings so that he can give people good training and make them good people. This sequence started with Hazrate Adam and brought about 124000 Nabi and Rasul Tashrif. The last among them was four and a half hundred years before today, 20 April 571 A.D. According to the present day (12 Rabi-e-ul-Awl), on the morning of Pir (Monday) morning, in the city of Mecca, Arabia, the Mubarik Shikam (stomach) Mohammad was born from

Mohammad Saheb used to do business

Your name was named Mohammed because your father (father) had died before his birth. You were raised by your grandfather Abdul Muttalib. Your grandfather was Mutavalli of Kaaba Sharif. The Arabs respected him a lot. Mohammad Sallah-au-Alai Basallam was married at the age of 25 to Khadija, a Bewa (widow) woman from Makkah. Khadija was 40 years old at the time. You used to do business for Gujar Basar.



Announced to be a prophet at age 40
After 15 years of marriage, that is, at the age of 40, you declared your Navi by Allah’s command. This was the period when the Arabs were immersed in the darkness of the crisis. He had forgotten God. There was no such thing as humanity. They used to bury their own daughters alive with their hands. It was common practice to use swords while quarrelling a bit.

Quran Sharif Nazil

Mohammed sahib stopped them from all the bad rituals and bad things and ordered them to do good work. The Quran Sharif was revealed to them by Allah, which is for the instruction of humans. Every good thing was ordered and he was prevented from bad things.

Talk of peace and peace

You always talked about maintaining peace and peace. You have never raised a slain sword on anyone. You have always helped the weak, the poor and the downtrodden fed the hungry and clothe the naked. Your total age was 63 years, the purpose under which Allah sent you to the world, you took it very beautifully.

12 rabi ul awal naat,12 rabi-ul-awal,12 rabi ul awal elo

There is a tomb in Medina

Today, believers of the Islamic religion are found all over the world, who sacrificed their lives every year on 12 Ravi-ul-Aval, took out a procession of Eidmiladunnavi and decorated the city and the city of Eid-ul-Miladunnavi, and presented akidat in their backyard. Huh. Hazrat’s tomb is in the Medina Sharif city of Arabia. Every year during the Haj pilgrimage millions of people from every corner of the world bring peace here and enjoy the peace while looking after your Mazare-Sharif.

eid milad un nabi mubarak, So today we will give you Amal is going to tell that you can achieve all these things by doing inter-high time, rabi ul awal in urdu, you can also make your world fantastic, 12 Rabi Ul Awal Benefit Reading. and you can also make your night bright and that too in just minutes do What are those sounds that can satisfy your smile?

12 rabi ul awal 2019,12 rabi ul awal gojol

Eid Milad un nabi. Allah Ta’ala’s ring is very kind to his bandits and especially to the people of Mate Mohammedia Sallallaho Alehi, for whom Huzoor Sallallaho Elahi’s Wasallam has opened the doors to the mercy of Allah through his blessings.

Why is it called gold along with Allah, but Allah has promised the subject of Ajay, ten people of every hand of Quran Pak, Allah had pledged to it that you should do it in India. 12 Rabi Ul Awal Benefit Reading. eid milad ul nabi 2019, It will be all due to Allah. I killed you as a church that you will live my life according to my wish, I will fulfill your every desire, nor are we talking.

Were those hopes that you can complete your big accident in minutes, you can get the most significant problem solved by Allah Tala, 12 rabi ul awal mubarak, Masail of the world, Masail of the globe, Masail of Kabar, Masail of the eye, and tell about whom I don’t even know if you come.

Now know that the serpent is the first act of namaz, was a stolen incident, 12 Rabi Ul Awal Benefit Reading. which can be kept away from the trial of Shatarupa and Budbak like a person who comes to mind that the person’s appearance if you wish to do the tilawat every day but after that and before sleeping.

12 Rabi Ul Awal Benefit

Allah will never book him in the culinary life, but the brother will keep him away from the trouble of Allah’s result, for which today everyone is concerned that the problem is solved only. Going on, which takes just 5 minutes.

This is a decree of a person who is not guilty, 12 Rabi Ul Awal Benefit Reading. who is not self-respecting, 12 rabiul awal 2019 in pakistan, or what is Azar Masood Razi Allah is locking. Allah Sallallaho Alehi, the person who said the word sentence He never reaches the condition of Parkar, Aditya Masood Razi Allah Tala Anu.

12 rabi awwal naat,12 rabi ul awal elo gojol

He used to dictate his precautions that all of them had the appearance that if the problems of our sisters and brothers want their day not to come close to them, then do not take this practice as a matter, the serpent tells you that on which only five It takes 10 minutes. jashn e milad un nabi, You will get many benefits from this practice, and you can complete the hajj ​​from Allah Ta’ala to Har Jaaye.

If you do it, you should connect with Allah and see Nazim is the second act of Surah Yasin. The tilawat has the talisman to pray after the prayer of Fajr, and the tilawat is prayed before the evening of sleep. 12 Rabi Ul Awal Benefit Reading. Please prove that the mother of all who recites Surah Yasin is kept and the group In the person’s condition.

He becomes a lion and the path which is lost due to the lost, he finds the way and the word which is caused by the animal’s disappearance, he finds it and who falls in such condition It is enough to hurt the photo of food shortage, and it is easy to see the person who is in the shape of Naja and the situation of the woman with the disorder Add.

12 rabi ul awwal tariq jameel,new 12 rabi ul awal special dj mix nara

when is 12 rabi ul awal, With this, his force habit is improved, in this way, when the enemy might fear something, and for this, the Surah Yasin is read. 12 Rabi Ul Awal Benefit Reading. Our sisters would have a little more proof that how small the stool was, and dozens of you Allah has kept the condition of Masail in this.

But today, our belief is on the map of the world, so we run after them. Let’s get our masalas solved with Allah Taala; let us also do it now that we will again do Baba’s Hindi of these devils.

And we will get Allah to solve it through the voice of his masail, the mascara of Amal will be different from above and not Hazrat The day comes Sunday, Razi Allahu Tala Anu says that all of you are rumored to be married to the marriage work, the farmer Surah Yasin gets all the aerial stories of the day, in this hadith we told our boss Sallallaho Alehi Walsallam That if we have any Hajat, then it is enough for that Surah i.e

This Surah 12 Rabi Ul Awal night

When the school is done, the promise of fulfillment comes in a married man that Allah Ta’ala had protection and Surah Yasin had the base year before the creation of the sky and the land. Those on whom it will be taken down in full.

There is some situation for those days who will take up this Quran that is, they will be happy and happy for those soldiers, but today, Ummah’s problem is in front of everyone. 12 Rabi Ul Awal Benefit Reading. He has no time; he has no time; he does not have these mangoes’ value. Regretfully, Allah has given us understanding and practice, in a hadith that the person who had to leave Sura Yasin only for the sake of Allah Ta’ala would have forgiven all his sins.

12 rabi ul awwal 2019,12 rabi ul awwal tariq jameel

Read good Surat on your issues. In a married person who died on Surah Yasin every night, it is right in a hadith that the person who had Sura Yasin only for the sake of Allah Ta’ala should be forgiven of all his previous crimes. Read this woman on her issues, and the same thing has come that Surah Yasin’s name is sky book No.

Importance of Rabi Ul Awal

I praise be to Allah the almighty. None has been worshipped except him alone. Peace. Be upon his Prophet Muhammad Allah Al-Salam his family, wife’s relatives, and companions. As you know, this is the month of rubble or well, and we all Muslims around the world celebrate this in this month represent a while is the third man in the Islamic calendar the word.

I’ll rub be mean spring while the word. LOL means first scratching a while is a name such as because before the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu alehiwassallaam was born, the people were in a state of Darkness. And the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi wasallam was born; he brought with him the message of truth. That is the message of Allah subhanaw. Taala. This message had them distinguish between right and wrong.

The best way to express love upon him is to send peace and blessings, loving him and obeying him. Allah says in the Quran Whatever the messenger has given you, take and what he has for bailing you refrain from and fear.

Allah indeed Allah is severe in penalty. 12 Rabi Ul Awal Benefit Reading. So I’ll cushion. I also want to share a Hadith with you, which Abu Huraira, a Zatanna, narrates, and hope that the messenger of Allah subhanaw. Taala said whoever obeys me obeys Allah, and whoever disobeys me disobeys Allah, and whoever obeys the ruler I appoint obeys me, and whoever disobeys him disobeys me.

Now I am going to tell you some of the synopsis of our beloved prophet Mohammed. Rasoolallah Salim that we should follow in our daily lives. when is 12 rabi ul awal 2019. The first one not that I am going to tell you is about going to sleep. Sit after an intense prayer applies cermet rise in each eye. Recite Bismillah mentioned the last name close the door of your room or house covered that utensils put out the lights and cover your food and drinks.

Next is sleeping in the state we do whenever a person is going to bed for sleep. He should dust it off thrice with the edge of clothes next recite. Before sleeping, the ayat AL Kursi lie down on your right side, put your hand under the cheek, and said this do a long medicine. Nigga are Muthu.

Translation o Allah in your name I die. And I live the next not that I will tell you is about waking up from sleep. Sit and rub the traces of rest of face with hands swear this to our on waking up, alhamdulillah and lazy and Jana bad. Am I a Madonna was washing the face and hands when waking from teeth.

But from Evolution, the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu alaihe wasalam said if any of you roses from sleep and performs The Evolution, he should wash his nose by putting water in it than blowing it outcries. Because shaytan has stayed in the upper part of his nose all night, Buhari.

Now I am going to tell you the Sunnah of men. When meeting someone, we should greet someone by saying As-salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

We should shake hands with each other now. I’m going to tell you the son of drinking. Say Bismillah doesn’t drink directly from a water pitcher. Drink with the right hand, sit down and drink, and Prophets Allah Al Salam.

For big drinking while standing June, water in three steps while drinking doesn’t blow in the glass. Say alhamdulillah after drinking we should try to follow this the last of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam in your daily life routine to get benefits from them and live a healthy, happy, peaceful life.

May Allah bless all Muslims with strong faith, purity of heart, reasonable manner, good deeds, and Finding the truth, the meaning of all teaching of Quran and Hadith.


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